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David Underwood - Lead Investigator and Group President   

    David has been investigating paranormal locations for years.  As the leader of the group his responsibilities are too mush to list.  David is known for his want of solid evidence using standard ghost hunting equipment.


Dan MacInnis - Lead  Investigator and the Tech Guy   

    Dan has been investigating locations for several years and has been participating with the LPRS since 2010.    Dan's interest for the paranormal started at a young age when spirits would contact him and communicate with him in several haunted houses.  Dan is always looking for the new device to test and use during investigations along with other forms of investigation items.      "I use the equipment to prove my gut feelings."  Dan uses his hard evidence with equipment and his intuitive nature to investigate each location.  Dan also has been a Civil War Living Hsitorian for the last 13 years and uses his knowledge of history to research each location.


DeeDee Bailey - Investigator and Group Photographer.   

    DeeDee is the team's Photographer and has taken some of the best photo's of spirits and votex's.  The spirits seems to talk to her through the lens.  DeeDee is also knwloedgable in using digital recorders and dowsing rods.   


Chris Propes - Investigator

    Chris has been involved with investigating the paranormal for several years and like Dan has lived in several haunted locations and areas.  Chris is very knowledgable in historical locations and research using this knowledge to help narrow down any information we obtained.  Chris uses all modern digital equipment as well as dowsing rods and other old time equipment.


Sarah Propes - Investogator and Doswing Rod Expert

    Sarah has been with the group as well for several years.  She loves to use the old school metaphysical type equipment (doswing rods, pendelums, etc) to investigate.  She provides instructions to all of our guest during public investigations on the use of the rods.


Damon Moberly - Investigator   

    Damon has been friends with several of the group members for years and is always assisting in investigations.  Damon also helps provide security to the group during the public events. 


Kristin Moberly - Investigator

   Kristin is the team member that helps keep this group focused on the tasks ahead and has been with the group for years.  She has recently officially joined the group and is very knowledgable in the equipment and techniques.


Christine Hatfield Woods - Newbie Investigator

   Christine joined our little group last year after the 1st Spring Investigation at the Waveland State Historic Site.  She has been a friend to several in the group for years and eager to learn the processes we use.  Christine also brings a very spritual nature to the group to help balance the beliefs and thoughts of the group.